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Justin Lépany is a French guitarist and composer based in Berlin. He was born in Tokyo in 1980 from a French mother and an American father and was raised in Paris before moving to Berlin in 2005. In his music, he wants to explore new paths without renouncing a clear melodic, rhythmical and formal direction. His composition for bells Ringing Peace was premiered during the opening of the 2014 Peace Nobel Prize ceremony in Oslo. 2015 saw the release of Agnes (in Redemption), a solo album uniting his music with his photographic work. After a year of intensive touring, he reached a point where a new direction seemed necessary and -deeply convinced that there is no more beautiful and universal instrument than the voice- started focusing on a cappella choral music, collaborating with several choirs in Europe and in the Middle East, including in Syria. In 2018, Justin Lépany composed and conducted L’Homme contre l’Homme for the 100 years anniversary celebration of WWI Armistice in France. The premiere occurred on the 11th of November 2018 at the Signal de l’Epine, on the very field where the last soldiers died exactly 100 years ago.

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