Tonight in Leipzig: première of “Noël” for choir.



Tonight and tomorrow: TimeGeist II (Mini impro-festival curated by Justin Lépany)

5th and 6th of October 2016 – Concerts 20:30 (Doors 20:00)
Sowieso, Weisestrasse 24, 12049 Berlin


– TimeGeist II –

Ein Panorama der aktuellen Improvisationsszene

– 05.10: “Electric Night”:

Mia Zabelka (AUT) – violin
Korhan Erel (TUR) – electronics
Justin Lépany (FRA) – electric guitar
+ Alex Kozmidi (UKR) – electric guitar

– 06.10 “Singles Night”:

Mia Zabelka (AUT) – violin
+ Amine Mesnaoui (MAR) – piano
+ Justin Lépany (FRA) – electric guitar and voice
+ Samin Son (KOR) – electronics and voice

Touring Europe for Redemption – part II

Justin Lépany is hitting the road again to pursue his quest and meet new musical challenges. The second leg of the “Touring Europe for Redemption” tour will take him to Austria and South Germany where he will play solo shows and improvisation evenings with fellow musicians like Irene Kepl (violin), Mia Zabelka (violin), Angelika Sheridan (flute) and Lasse-Marc Riek (soundscapes).

June 25, 2016: solo at Bartleby & Co., Berlin (DE).

May 31, 2016: w/ Angelika Sheridan at “konkret gehört abstrakt” Festival, Hamburg (DE).

May 30, 2016: solo at “konkret gehört abstrakt” Festival, Hamburg (DE).

May 28, 2016: w/ Lasse-Marc Riek, at Fabrikhalle, Friedberg (DE).

May 26, 2016: solo at the University of Arts of Linz, Linz (AU).

May 25, 2016: w/ Irene Kepl and Mia Zabelka at Mo:e, Vienna (AU).