Remix campaign coming

In order to offer you better songs with a better sound, I’ve bought a good pair of Audio Technica headphones whose response is linear and therefore should allow me to make more transparent mixes. The problem with normal headphones is that they are designed to enhance the sound of cheap sound systems. Their absolute non-neutrality cause mixes to be very (and badly) surprising when heard on other cd players, computers and so on. A remix campaign of all my songs should start in the next days and i’ll let you know as soon as the songs section is refreshed.

© 2006 justin lepany


One thought on “Remix campaign coming

  1. Good going!
    The 1.01 version of this bolg is really good. I can’t wait for new things!
    One thing : maybe you could leave one exemple of one of your mix with and without the linear headphone, just to hear the difference…

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